Something to take away

In these days of smart phones, the printed word still plays a very important role. When you show potential users round your nursery, you want to give them something tangible to slip in their pocket to read later. A visually appealing leaflet that makes its key points instantly is invaluable.

And, supposing you want to anticipate the inevitable drop in numbers in September? A simple but striking flyer focusing on the unique selling points of your nursery care can help you fill places.

Maybe you want to update your prospectus or would like professionally designed and printed policy documents for parents. Our copywriting and design skills can meet that need, while enhancing your reputation for all-round professionalism.

Expensive? Probably not as much as you think. Our printer gives us very competitive prices and a larger print-run brings the costs down considerably. Alternatively, we are very happy to liaise with your favoured printer.

To find out more information on the many design-for-print options available to you, contact Rob Wheele on 01273 505707 or email